00ZZZero Trap

The company’s signature device – 00ZZZero – is a simple, inexpensive plastic container that attracts and kills most of the egg-laying mosquitoes that enter it, but, crucially, kills all the larvae from any eggs that are deposited.

The shape, external and internal color, humidity and scent of the 00ZZZero create the ideal environment for female mosquitoes to deposit their eggs.

Its interior coating contains 3 key elements:

  • Attractant/food source to lure the egg-laden mosquito
  • Adulticide embedded coating to kill the adult mosquitoes (97.8% at contact)
  • Larvicide embedded coating to kill the larvae (almost 100%)

Just put some water and let 00ZZZero attract and kill the mosquitoes and their larvae.

Since mosquitoes are not great fliers you want to put one trap every 3,000 sq feet of your garden to guarantee a good effect.