Macro trends

Asian Tiger mosquito spreading: this very aggressive species, new to Europe and the Americas, is expanding quickly into the northern Hemisphere. This mosquito is active during the day and is more resistant to traditional pest control products. It carries the dengue fever virus.

Global warming: the area where mosquitoes can live is extending, reaching populations which have no experience of preventing mosquito-carried diseases.

Human population growth in warm areas: population growth in warm areas (Central and South America, Africa, India and South East Asia) is increasing dramatically and such rapid mass urbanisation fosters conditions for the spread of mosquito-carried diseases

Opposition to generic large-scale pesticide spraying: the large-scale and generic spraying of pesticides has been demonstrated to be ineffective, counterproductive and unsustainable, and creates pesticide-resistant mosquitoes. Thus these methods of preventing mosquitoes spreading are progressively being limited, heavily regulated, or banned.

Focus on trap-and-kill: increasingly the trend is to identify devices that target speciļ¬c insects, and only when they represent a threat to humans or other animals.